Holy Spirit Workshop

Holy Spirit Workshop

The Workshop Boss: The Holy Spirit


His Titles

The Spirit of

1> Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power,

2> Knowledage, Fear of the Lord, Truth, Holiness

3> Life, Revelation, Grace, Glory


His Work

1> Live in us and on us

2> Teach us all things

3> Remind us of everything He has said

4> Testify about Jesus

5> Convict us in regard to righteousness

6> Convict the world in regard to sin

7> Convict the Devil in regard to judgement

8> Guide us into all truth

9> Tell us what is yet to come

10> Bring glory to Jesus by taking from what belongs to Him and making it known to us

11> Receive power because the Holy Spirit is on us and we are His witness

12> Set aside for the work to which we are called


His Passion

1> Bring Jesus back

2> Build New Jerusalem

3> Fulfil His mandate in you

4> Taste all fine wine, sweet dessert